Brain Science Connects the Dots on What Makes Coaching Effective


The data is here to back the claim: Co-Active coaching is no longer considered experimental or unconventional. Discover the mounting evidence in brain science proving the alignment between brain development and Co-Active Model's philosophy


With the help of neuroscience, we have learned how coaches create an optimal environment of openness, creativity, and neuroplasticity with clients. In this free eBook, discover how you can:

  • Reduce the adverse effects of stress by helping clients access their own creativity
  • Help clients build positive neural connections leading to a greater capacity to show up more powerfully in the world.
  • Encouraging your client’s growth and creating a positive upward cycle of learning

If you're longing to be successful in your life, whether it is at work, at home, or as a parent, friend or partner, this report by psychologist Ann Betz can help. Download the eBook and discover how the renowned Co-Active Model and neuroscience work hand in hand to help you experience lasting change and transformation.