Learn about the coach training program that will prepare you to coach anyone, on any topic.


During the Experience Co-Active Coaching webinar, our senior faculty members will give you a deeper understanding of why the Co-Active Training Institute is the global leader in coach training.

You will:

  • Witness a live demonstration of Co-Active coaching.
  • Experience 6-8 of the 26 skills found in our model.
  • Experience one of our three principles (i.e. Fulfillment, Balance or Process)
  • Have an opportunity to be coached by a senior faculty member
  • Have an opportunity to practice a coaching skill.

This webinar is an interactive exploration of how coach training and the Co-Active coach approach can support your goals and help you create the life you want.

"CTI's training is phenomenal! On of my primary reasons for choosing it was because of its experiential component. With CTI, you are coaching from the very beginning of your training, building skills and practicing techniques live with real people, tackling real issues. "

- Meg, More with Meg Coaching