Join us for a complimentary in-person experience of the Co-Active Coaching model. 

You could win a free Co-Active Fundamentals coaching course and books that will help you change your life and the lives of others. 

During the Experience Co-Active Coaching in-person event, you will:

  • Experience key principles of our Co-Active model from senior faculty members. Enjoy interactive and hands-on experiential training. Be prepared to have fun, too!
  • Explore core skills such as listening and asking powerful questions which will deepen and enhance the communication and relationships in your work and life.
  • Discover how the Co-Active Coaching model is simple, elegant and adaptable in any coaching situation: personal, executive, group, wellness and many more. It is applied in business, education, medicine, government, communities and families around the world. 

Timing: Doors Open: 6:30 pm for registration
Event time: 6:45-9:00 pm

Questions? Contact Sue Jordon
+001-415-526-1655 (office) 
+001-604-417-5214 (cell)  

We've had such great feedback about these free in-person Experience Co-Active Coaching events that we will be doing more of them in 2020 in cities all around the world. Come back soon to check out when and where they are happening near you!

More dates will be scheduled in 2020. Please also check our online webinars.