Co-Active_Coaching_4th_Edition_Transparent_XL_FINALCo-Active Coaching: A powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment.

Welcome to the Co-Active Online Toolkit. On this page, you’ll find an ever growing list of forms, checklists, exercises and other tools for you to download and use with your coaching clients. You are welcome to use these tools in their current form ... or better, modify them to reflect your personal style and approach to coaching.

At CTI, we are always looking for ways to connect our community through technology, support coaches in their development, as well as spread the word about Co-Active Coaching. Thank you for your partnership!

   Coaching Resources
PDFPowerful Questions
PDFHomework Inquiries
PDFWheel of Life Exercise
PDFBlank Wheel
PDFValues Clarification Exercise
PDFEthical Standards
PDFLife Purpose Exercise
PDFSaboteur Clarification
PDFClient Profile
PDFHouse of You Visualization Script
PlaybuttonHouse of You Visualization Audio

   Strategic & Planning Tools
PDFStrategic Planning Checklist
PDFAction and Planning Log
PDFGoals and Commitments
PDFDaily Habits
PDFDaily Habits Tracking Log
PDFFirst Meeting Checklist

   Forms & Checklists
PDFIndividual Client Discovery Checklist
PDFCoaching Agreement
PDFPersonal Information Fact Sheet
PDFIndividual Client Interview
PDFPrimary Focus
PDFCoaching Preparation Form
PDFCompletion Log

   Corporate Tools
PDFCorporate Client Discovery Checklist
PDFCorporate Client Profile
PDFJob Performance Wheel
PDFProfessional Assessment Wheel
Transformative Coaching in Organizations
PlaybuttonThe Coach's Agenda (runtime 59:54 minutes)
Playbutton Shake it Up! (runtime 58:07 minutes)
Playbutton Standing in the Fire (runtime 59:26 minutes)

   Co-Active Coaching Demo Audios
Metaphor, Intuition, Accountability

Intro from Karen Kimsey-House
PlaybuttonRuntime: 0:49 minutes
Listen to a coach using these tools
PlaybuttonRuntime: 19:23 minutes
Powerful Questions, Articulating, Acknowledgment

Intro from Phil Sandahl
PlaybuttonRuntime: 0:55 minutes

Listen to a coach using these tools
PlaybuttonRuntime: 18:09 minutes
Powerful Questions, Articulating, Acknowledgment

Summary of key points by Phil Sandahl
PlaybuttonRuntime: 1:05 minutes