What is a Co-Active “Brilliant Conversation”?

Leadership is a conversation, and this conversation is about COVID-19.

What is a Brilliant Conversation? The purpose of Brilliant Conversation is to explore a topic, rather than answer a question. It is a form of play that shifts us out of the ordinary mind into the extraordinary mind as ideas and thoughts build on one another. 

Join us for this free 90-minute interactive Zoom call where we will introduce a Co-Active “Brilliant Conversation”, and demonstrate how to be in this type of conversation with others.

In this call, we will explore our relationship to self, others and the greater unfolding of life during this unprecedented time in history as we witness the impact of Covid-19 on our world.

You will learn:

  • What this shared global Covid-19 experience is helping to emerge
  • How this experience is helping to create a new language of leadership
  • How to have a Brilliant Conversation and take it out into the world
Register now as space is limited!
Carey and Carlo BC Landing Page Video
Watch CTI Co-presidents Carlo Bos and Carey Baker discuss COVID-19 in this Brilliant Conversation clip.

After the call, you will be given the opportunity to deepen your learning in a subsequent 5-part “Leading in the Pause” Zoom Series exploring core leader concepts.