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Leading from Intuition to Innovation

Posted by CTI on Aug 28, 2018 7:00:39 AM

According to science humans have only five basic senses, but human experience suggests that we are working with many more senses and sensibilities.

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Topics: awareness, creativity, innovation, intuition, leadership, sensory, imagination

Discover the Power in Responsibility

Posted by CTI on Aug 14, 2018 7:00:50 AM

The concept of responsibility has ethical and affirmational qualities, yet it also has an edge -- a sharp one that can cause resistance.

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Topics: conscious, leadership, reactive, response-able, Responsibility

How Coaches Evoke Change

Posted by Karen Kimsey-House on Jul 31, 2018 7:00:32 AM

With the current political climate in the United States, I’ve been thinking about transformative change (change that occurs at the level of identity or being) and how it is a process with several stages or phases. Among the many others who have created a map for a transformative journey, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is one that is well-known.

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Topics: Coaching & Training, context, paradigm, process, transformation, coaching, identity, integration

Creating a Coaching Culture

Posted by Karen Kimsey-House on Jul 17, 2018 7:00:37 AM

Somehow, organizations have gotten the incorrect notion that generating a coaching culture necessitates scheduling large numbers of in-depth, one-on-one coaching conversations of some length. This results in an understandable response: “We don’t have time for that!”

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Topics: coach training, coaching contexts, coaching culture, Coaching & Training, leadership, coaching, leadership development

Leading with Intuition

Posted by CTI on Mar 15, 2018 7:00:05 AM

Nothing stays the same; it just changes faster. If there is one simple rule of leadership, it’s to learn to navigate the chaos, because there’s plenty of it about. But all is not lost. We have some great tools for finding our way through different dimensions: creativity, ingenuity, cooperation, flexibility and, perhaps the greatest of them all, intuition.

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Topics: chaos, intuition, leadership

The Audacity to Dream

Posted by CTI on Feb 28, 2018 3:00:40 AM

When our elected leaders’ actions fail to inspire us, wherever we live in the world, it’s far easier to unconsciously cast a new vote against them by refusing to engage with life. We withdraw and retreat in protest.

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Topics: courage, leadership, vision, dream

Self-Acceptance: Start Here to Find True Leadership

Posted by CTI on Feb 15, 2018 5:00:12 AM

Leadership starts from inside. Accepting ourselves and the full range of our faults and magnificence is the bedrock of authentic presence, which allows us to lead from within.

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Topics: coactive, leadership, coaching

Psychological Safety and the Co-Active Leader

Posted by Joshua Ramey-Renk on Dec 6, 2017 6:00:40 AM

We all know the archetype of the strong leader: the fierce, steely-eyed commander rallying their troops, shouting out orders and driving their team to “win” (the war, the game, the account, whatever). The commander is bulletproof, indestructible. He — and it’s usually an alpha-male “he” in our culturally normative imagination — is never wrong and never shows weakness. Women aren’t left out of the “show no weakness” norm; in a comment that resonates with many women I’ve spoken to in what I call “Organizational America,”* one female undergraduate at Duke University described the “effortless perfection” women were expected to live up to on that campus.

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Topics: leadership

Fine Tune Your Listening and Eavesdrop on Humanity

Posted by Antony Parry on Nov 29, 2017 7:00:22 AM

Pin on your magic ears and eavesdrop on humanity

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Topics: leadership, listening

The Art of Paying Attention Without Prejudice

Posted by Antony Parry on Nov 8, 2017 7:00:16 AM

Curiosity opens our hearts and makes us wiser

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Topics: curiosity, leadership

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